ONLY THE GOOD: HHN Products that we love

Only the Good --This is one of  Human Heart Nature's taglines.And so far, I got just that from their products.

One of my close friends introduced me to this pro-Philippines, pro-poor and pro-environment line of personal and household items. Actually, we even had their soaps and hand sanitizers as souvenirs for our wedding.

But I only got to try them myself when I became pregnant. Being a first time mom, I was very cautious then about the products that I'd be using. Before purchasing, I would search pregnancy websites about information on the ingredients or chemicals contained in a certain product. I was especially concerned about personal hygiene and beauty products since certain chemicals may harm my baby.

Early in my pregnancy, my friend who introduced them to me and who is also an HHN dealer,  accompanied me to the main store and recommended some products that I'm still using.

After several months, I decided to become a HHN dealer too.I believe in their advocacy and trust their brand. I'd like to share some of the products that I love and use for myself and my family. First one is their Natural Cleansing Bar. 

This product is a lifesaver for my acne prone skin. I had bad breakouts because of pregnancy hormones but I couldn't use any of my previous treatment options. So I used this mild and fragrance free soap as my cleanser and diluted apple cider vinegar as my toner.Slowly, I could see improvement. I have accepted that my skin will never be flawless so even a little improvement is a big thing in my book.
The next item is a bestseller and my favorite: Sunflower Beauty Oil. This clinically tested oil has a variety of uses from makeup remover to stretchmark lightener.But I use it once before bed mainly to lighten my pimple marks and underarms ( hormones again).I noticed that they lightened significantly after a few weeks.
The third one is a household must have: Tough Love Detergent. We have tried both the liquid and powder form. Because we have a little one, we are very particular with laundry detergent. This brand meets our needs by being tough on dirt but gentle on baby skin.It also doesn't leave residue. The powder form is unscented and cheaper while the liquid one has a citrus scent. I think the powder form is more popular because one time it was out of stock in their main store.

For our baby, three items have stood out : Natural Nappy Cream, Baby Wash and Baby Lotion. 

We have been using their nappy cream on our daughter since day one and she hasn't had diaper rash.It has zinc oxide which provides a good barrier and coconut oil which moisturizes the skin. On the other hand, their dermatologist-tested baby wash, which we bought just recently, contains natural ingredients like lavender, rosemary and chamomile extracts. It has a mild scent and doesn't leave  any residue (based on our observation).  Lastly, their baby lotion keeps our daughter's skin supple naturally with avocado oil, sunflower and aloe vera.

Aside from being eco-friendly, their baby care items are also free from phthalates. These are chemicals found in plastic that have been linked to cancer and respiratory disorders.

So the next time you feel like trying out new products or maybe saving the earth, drop by their store and get any of these. Trust me, you won't just get only the good, you'll also feel good :)

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