Why I Want An Oppo F1s

As a blogger, my role is to tell meaningful stories. When I go to events, I try to capture the experience through lively words and vivid pictures. As a mom, I enjoy taking pictures and videos of my daughter’s candid moments. Most of the time, I use my smartphone for all of these.

But lately, I’m having issues with my current phone. There was one time that my video of a beautiful dance by a prestigious ballet group turned blurry upon upload. Another time, when I used the zoom feature of the camera, the images turned out pixelated. I was pretty disappointed because those pictures were taken at blogging workshop of someone I looked up to.  I was supposed to share my experience on my blog but hesitated because of the images. It was disheartening.

Another major inconvenience for me is when my phone suddenly freezes up when I have installed a lot of apps. Sometimes, the apps would open so slowly that I just give up.  They just keep “processing” for the longest time.

Case in point.It's been processing for about five minutes.

I would then be forced to choose which ones I really need. Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter? Can I still install VSCO? This becomes really troublesome and quite annoying to be honest. I feel like a child choosing between chocolate, candy and ice cream at a dessert buffet table.  Can’t I have them all? It is cruel. It is stressful. Please don't make me choose.

I need something better. I want something better. I deserve something better.

The Oppo F1s has a 3GB RAM and octa-core 64 bit processor which means I could easily work on my blog posts while using different social media platforms. I wouldn’t have to uninstall certain apps for fear that they might slow down everything. This would be really be awesome for a mommy blogger who works as her child naps. Faster means less time. And time is such a valuable commodity to me.

I deserve to have an Oppo F1s because I work extremely hard to make quality blog posts just to be let down by my own phone. I spend too much effort capturing the "now" for my social media just to have to it be uploaded at a later time because the app isn't working well right now.I did not become a stay at home mom just to lose capturing my daughter’s milestones and candid moments to phone glitches.

I need an Oppo F1s. I want an Oppo F1s. I deserve an Oppo F1s.



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