5 FREE Printable Gift Tag Sets For Your Every Mood This Christmas

It’s barely a week and a half ‘til Christmas!

Yesterday, my family and I went last minute gift shopping. In the evening, I realized that even though I still had stacks of wrapping paper, I didn’t have gift tags. Now, I seriously didn’t want to brave the heavy traffic and shopping crowd on the last weekend before Christmas just for labels so I thought I’d go on Pinterest to find some free printables I could use. Luckily, I found really great ones that I thought I’d share with you.

So, if like me, you have some ink in your printer but no time and energy to go to the bookstore for gift tags, I stumbled upon five sets you could use for free! And they look lovely! You could print them according to your mood or maybe the people receiving your gifts.

   1. If you’re feelin’ like a kid again

These simply adorable tags from Fresh Picked Whimsy are really wonderful for all the children in your life -- your kids, nieces, nephews, godchildren and even your kids’ friends. They would surely be more excited to open their presents with these cute winter wonderland inspired gift tags.

Fresh Picked Whimsy


   2. If you’re feelin’ humorous

I chanced upon these awesome labels on Pinterest and they made me smile. The witty play on words used by All Things Thrifty with its eye catching graphics are pretty awesome. I am sure anyone in your life who loves words – bookworms , writers, your kids’ teachers perhaps --- would appreciate these gift tags. Here's just one of their funny quips!

So true! haha! See more on All Things Thrifty

3. If you’re feel like goin old school

Well, I used these gift labels I found on Yellow Bliss Road for my friends. I think these would also be great for your mom, aunts, uncles and neighbors. I think they're really wonderful.

Yellow Bliss Road

4.  If you’re in a mod glam vibe

These black and white gift labels by Tatertots and Jello would be perfect if you’re going for the modern elegant holiday look. These would also be great if you’re giving gifts to teens, your boss or acquaintances. 

Tatertots and Jello

5. If you’re feelin’ creative

Lastly, for your handmade items, these chalkboard gift tags designed by Little Monkeys Crochet would be really cool. Your crafty friends would surely feel the love this Christmas! 

Little Monkeys Crochet

So, what's your mood right now?

Btw, here are some of the gifts I wrapped today! Hope you enjoy labeling your gifts as much as I did with these gift tags!



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