My De’Longhi Christmas Wishlist

Christmas is just around the corner! Shopping malls everywhere have extended their store hours to accommodate all the people buying gifts. Kids are eyeing which toys they’ll ask from their parents. Moms are also busy preparing the menu and ingredients for noche buena (Christmas Eve feast). The heavy traffic is made bearable by the Christmas songs on the radio and the festive lights on the streets.

While everyone is busy with the Christmas rush, I have been daydreaming about which appliances I’d love to have from De'Longhi, an Italian small appliance manufacturer known for its distinctive design and excellent quality.

I’ve been browsing their products on the Concept Specialist Inc. website for a while now and have finally come up with three of my faves. I'm pretty convinced that having these would make our home life a lot more pleasant. Concept Specialist Inc. (CSI) is the official distributor of De’Longhi fully automatic espresso machines and small household appliances.  

Are you curious about what’s in my list?

Drumroll please…

This impressive air purifier has an ionizer that neutralizes contaminants in the air such as dust particles, pollen, car fumes and smoke. Moreover, it works using a sophisticated multistage air filtration system:

Fig. 1 Contaminants in room air are removed through multiple advanced filters

1. Anti-dust pre-filter – this sifts big particles like human and pet hair

2. HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter – this mechanical air filter is effective against dust particles as small as 0.3 µ in diameter or bigger

3. Active carbon filter-   this works against smoke, odor and various harmful gases through the adhesive quality of active carbon

4. Nano Silver filter- this eliminates bacteria in the air

5. Photo catalyst filter – this gets rid of chemicals and dangerous gases present 

   Simply put, this is a must-have given the air quality we have in the metro. In my case, I’d love to have this in my home for three reasons:

1.   It could make the air quality at home better. We live along a busy highway so needless to say, it’s an uphill battle against dust and pollution every single day. Having an air purifier that cleans indoor air thoroughly would definitely make us not just breathe better air but feel more secure about the air we breathe especially since we have a toddler. Peace of mind is priceless.

2.  It could help prevent allergy triggers. My husband and I have a family history of allergy and asthma so an air purifier would benefit us as a family quite significantly. Even my daughter's pediatrician recommended we get one for my daughter. According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, air purifiers can help in the management of allergy symptoms.

3. It could help eliminate pollutants and odors that enter from nearby establishments. We live near a food park, a junk shop and hardware stores. Sometimes, the house smells unpleasant because of the odors outside. The smoke from the all the grilling and dust from all the activity enter the house at any given time. I am confident this air purifier would take of this issue.

So, on to the next item! There would surely be a Christmas feast if I could get my hands on this product!

This innovative cooking appliance combines a multicooker and low-oil fryer . It uses SHS (Surround Heating System), a unique technology developed exclusively by De’Longhi. 

This system includes double independent heating elements that allow heated air to be evenly distributed around the food being cooked plus a mixing paddle that stirs the food automatically:  the upper heating element and fan bring uniform heat from the top; the lower heating element conveys heat from the bottom 

Fig.2 The upper and lower heating components and fan work with the mixing paddle (yellow structure) to make sure food is cooked evenly and combined well.

Here are some of the tasty dishes you could cook with this low-oil fryer and multicooker:
Recipes made with De'Longhi Multifry

Isn’t it amazing? Who wouldn’t want to have such an appliance at home? It would be the ultimate kitchen helper! Well, in my case, I have a bunch of reasons why having this in our kitchen would be a dream come true:

1. It is a space saver. We have a small L-shaped kitchen so this incredible appliance will surely put our free limited space to good use. Instead of having a lot of pots and pans jammed into a cabinet, I would just have one that does most if not all the cooking we'd ever need.

2. It saves time and effort. I am a stay at home mom so time and energy are precious commodities to me. If I had this kitchen appliance, it would save me a lot of time because I just need to put the ingredients,  program the cooking time, check it from time to time and then I’m done. While the food is cooking, I could do other chores or better yet, just sit back and relax.

3.It could cook a wide array of tasty dishes. I could cook familiar dishes like stews and curries to intriguing foreign ones like ratatouilles and cous cous. My husband would certainly enjoy having his favorite Japanese curry for dinner more often. Amazingly, I could even bake pies, cakes and pizzas!

4. We could have healthier fried dishes. Some deep fryers require 2.5l of oil for frying while this one only needs 1.4 cl oil for fresh potatoes. This means if we were to have french fries, it would use only 2.8% of fat for 1 kg of fresh potatoes.

5. It goes well with our kitchen. I know this reason might sound very shallow but I really think its sleek color and stylish design would fit our kitchen perfectly. Don’t you agree?

After seeing those photos of mouthwatering dishes, it’s time for some dessert: Ice cream! 

The next item on my wishlist could  help me make this effortlessly. But before we talk about this amazing kitchen gadget, I'd like to share the differences between gelato and American style ice cream.

Although gelato means ice cream in Italian, it is denser than regular ice cream because it is churned at a slower rate. Besides that, it uses milk instead of cream so it has a lower percentage of fat. 

In terms of taste and texture, gelato has a soft, smooth texture and clean taste compared to your regular ice cream's richer and heavier texture.

This is why I'd be thrilled to have the next item in our kitchen. Can you guess what I wish for?

This excellent ice cream maker applies an advanced cooling system with built in compressor and refrigeration. It has a special paddle to mix ingredients thoroughly, holds a removable stainless steel bowl and comes with a recipe book featuring a lot of ice cream and sorbet recipes. It is  also dishwasher safe.

Hmmm, let's marvel at how it slowly churns whole milk, sugar and vanilla extract to make delicious vanilla gelato: 

Mesmerizing isn't it? The Gelataio ICK 6000 can make up to 700 g of gelato in one go. 

After just 20 minutes, you could have something like this!

Image Credit
I'd love a scoop (or two) please.

For me, just the thought of having an ice cream maker at home is already enough reason to wish for it this Christmas. However, I have more points why this device would be cool to have in our kitchen:

1. We love ice cream. My husband and I are both huge ice cream fans. My daughter is also developing a taste for it. She says “isheen” for ice cream. If we had this we could whip up fresh and delicious ice cream anytime we want in less than 30 minutes! Heavenly thought! Added bonus: gelato is healthier!

2. We could save a lot of money. Artisan gelato at the mall on the average is P80 per scoop. So, if we had this, no need to buy for dessert.

3.We could customize our gelato with exciting ingredients. If we’re feeling healthy, we could add local fruits to our gelato mix but we could also go wild with lots of chocolate and sprinkles. The possibilities are endless!

That’s it, everyone! Those are the three De’Longhi appliances I’d love to have this Christmas! I hope Santa heard my wishes. I think I've been pretty nice this year. 

If you're coming up with your own wishlist or thinking of furnishing your home with De’Longhi products, just click on the logo below to go to the Concept Specialist website:

 Happy Holidays everyone! Hope we all get what we wish for this Christmas!

DISCLOSURE: This is my entry  to the NuffnangPH and De'Longhi (Concept Specialist Inc) My De'Longhi Christmas Wishlist  blog contest. All thoughts and opinions   are my own  and were not influenced by the brand.



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